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Access Personalized EyeDocApp Right On Your Smart Phone – Your patients display your personalized EyeDocApp on their iPhone or Android for easy access – on their terms. Imagine your EyeDocApp sitting amongst the most innovative companies and brands. It’s time to innovate! Customized To Your PracticeThis is no “off-the-shelf” application. The EyeDocApp allows you to customize and brand your app with your logo and office. This way your patients will be reinforced that they are working with an innovative practice that has invested $ in staying connected with their patients.
Scheduling Appointments Has Never Been So Easy – The EyeDocApp appointment scheduling system allows for you to populate your available office hours. Your patients fill out their contact information with information about why they are scheduling the appointment and your office is immediately notified via email. Why not make it as easy as possible for your patients to schedule their appointments? Provide Specific Details About Your Practice – Remember when having a website was necessary to be taken seriously? The new website is the app! With your EyeDocApp you’ll have the ability to provide details such as services, doctor bios, office hours, photos, etc. The “About Us” section is completely customized providing your patients with everything they need on your practice!
On Patient’s Terms…Not Yours – Connecting with your patients has never been so easy! With your personalized EyeDocApp, your patients can schedule an appointment, email or call your office with a question, order contacts and connect with you immediately in the case of an emergency. Give your patients a reason to connect with you between annual visits! Make It Easy To Find Your Practice – Websites don’t always load as quickly as we’d like them to on our mobile phone. With the EyeDocApp your patient or prospective patient can easily find your practice with our MapIt and Get Directions feature. Using their phone’s GPS, the EyeDocApp will tell them where you are in relation to their location. Again, on their terms…not yours.
Sharing Across Social Media = Rapid Word-of-Mouth – Regardless of your practice having a Facebook page or Twitter profile, the EyeDocApp allows your patients to share information on your app via email, Facebook or Twitter. Your practice is now at the edge of social media innovation and you’re helping your patients spread the word about what you’re doing with hundreds or thousands of others! Educating Patients About Eye Care – Sometimes we forget that our patients may not know everything about their eyes and eye care. That’s why we’ve created the EyeDocApp Wiki – an encyclopedia of eye conditions complete with visuals and a description that relates to your patient. The EyeDocApp Wiki makes your app an ongoing resource to patients and others they might be able to assist.
Detailed Information on Services – We’ve pre-populated the EyeDocApp with a list of common eye care services. You can also add in your own services, details and images to customize for your practice. The “Services” feature also allows your practice to educate patients about other services offered…increasing the revenue opportunities with existing patients. Bridging The Gap Between Patient Visits – You can now connect your patients with useful videos on eye care or provide personal clips you’ve created on your own. The video feature of the EyeDocApp allows for a complete video library which can be directly played or shared from the users iPhone or Android. There is a reason YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google – it’s time to start leveraging videos!