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Save Big with our New Pricing Plan

Since our launch of EyeDocApp in 2011 the one consistent question we receive is, “When are you going to come out with a more cost effective way to have an EyeDocApp for our practice? We listened and now have the solution.  — We have eliminated the set up fee and yearly Apple fee by creating our coded version, saving almost $900.00 in the process.

By signing up for this version you get all the features of EyeDocApp with out having to pay the $799 set up fee and $99 yearly fee to Apple.  The downside to our new version is that you don’t get your office logo or name on the icon that lives on your patients phone. Your patient simply downloads EyeDoc App and puts in your 4 digit office code and your customized App is now on their phone.  A great cost effective way to educate, retain and attract patients.  Use the code: “free set up” to create your EyeDocApp today.


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